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Longs Peak Summer Duathlon FKT12/31/2018

I’m part of the panel of people who pick the FKT Of the Year (FKTOY), and as part of that process I was reminded that I actually set an FKT this year–the Longs Peak Duathlon…

Tour de Traverses: 2nd Half (Silverton to Boulder)12/24/2018

I like to think that by traveling in the style I was—with acute intention, under my own power, getting up close and personal with the peaks themselves—that I was succeeding in penetrating this aura and hopefully stepping outside of that collective perception. Not only here at the Bells—though this was certainly the most obvious instance—but with the trip as a whole. But why? To feel special, I suppose, but hopefully not necessarily superior. I’m not sure; motivations and values are thorny topics…

Tour de Traverses: 1st Half11/27/2018

For me, the whole point of a trip like this is to come up with an objective that challenges me. I want it to be possible, but not without some sacrifice, some grinding, some discomfort. If I’m able to cruise casually the whole way, where would the opportunity for growth come from? I didn’t want a vacation; I wanted an adventure.

The Monkey Wrench Gang, Bikes, Buzz, and The Maze05/10/2018

Finally having all of the insane theatrics in The Monkey Wrench Gang that had so influenced me 25 years ago brought to life amidst the desert canyons and spires was a more important experience than I had expected. Connecting the dots of that initial book reading to all of the stuff I do with my life today was a reaffirmation of the power inherent in landscapes and literature.

Last Couple Months of Books11/28/2017

My summer reading was consumed by David Foster Wallace’s Infinite Jest. For better or worse. Two times was enough; I probably won’t read it again. This fall I’ve been reading less crushing tomes.