Event Schedule


May 19 – 2505/25/2014

Mon – 1st Flatiron->2nd Flatiron->Sunset Flatironette->Green Mt. (2:10, 4000′)
Legs were still tired from Saturday’s long run, so I just took it easy with some scrambling before heading to the top of the mountain and running home…

May 12 – 1805/18/2014

Mon – Green Mt. (2:02, 3000′)
Today felt like January, not May. There was a solid 2′ of snow on the summit of Green—enough to make running even downhill a chore—with more coming down the whole time. It’ll be gone soon enough; this kind of thing doesn’t really bother me too much, knowing that temps will be in the 80s later in the week…

May 5 – 1105/12/2014

Mon – 1st Flatiron+Green Mt. (1:47, 3000′)
This morning was my 150th ascent of the First Flatiron, but I didn’t realize it until I got home and checked the box in my spreadsheet…

April 28 – May 405/05/2014

Mon – 1st Flatiron+Green Mt. (1:42, 3000′)+climbing gym
I spent last week easing my body back into activity with purely flat running on the abundant bike paths in and around Boulder. The hip responded well, so today I tested it out with some vertical. It went great. My hip felt 100% and it was so nice to do some scrambling after the week away in Japan and the subsequent week on the flats. It doesn’t take much to reinvigorate the desire, even for just my backyard hills…