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June 16 – 2206/23/2014

Mon-AM: 1st Flatiron+Green Mt (1:55, 3000′)
Descended Ranger-Flagstaff. Wow, kind of a piece of wreckage of a run. First, I was clearly feeling Saturday’s big outing because I slept 11hr last night meaning this run didn’t happen until mid-morning in the full heat of the day. As such, I just punted along, taking it easy and enjoying being out in the hills. On a very routine descent of the Viewpoint trail down to Eben G Fine, though, I caught a toe and went down, not even super hard, but I managed to whack my right knee on a rock, directly on the medial knee cap. My left knee was scraped and bloodied, but I knew my unmarked right knee was the more serious issue…

June 9 – 1506/16/2014

Mon-AM: Mt. Rosa & Mt. Buckhorn (2:41, 5000′)
This was a great run. Parked at the upper Gold Camp lot at 7500′ and went up 7 Bridges. I had some tired legs from yesterday’s race/double outing, but once I got going I really enjoyed the mountain. Rosa (11,500′) is a great peak that I would hit on a near-daily basis if I still lived in the Springs. Alas, I just wasn’t quite in that mindset when I did live here. There was fresh snow on Pikes this morning—and a dusting on the last 1000′ or so of Rosa—and it was a surprisingly chilly, blustery summit. I maintain that the 4k’ drop off the east side of Rosa into Buffalo Canyon is the best in COS, and today didn’t disappoint…

June 2 – 806/09/2014

Mon-AM: Mt. Elbert (2:07, 4500′)
Up and down the NE ridge from Halfmoon Creek. Surprising energy in the legs this morning; I ran more of the steep stuff than I thought I would. Snow conditions are also much better than I thought they would be, really only an issue in the usual 500′ below treeline. It was odd, though. At some point on today’s outing it felt like the last 9 months didn’t even happen to me, like I was picking up right where I’d left off last summer, marching uphill through thin air and brilliant sunshine over talus and scree. There’s definitely something special about the big relief here in the Sawatch…

May 26 – June 106/01/2014

Mon – 1st Flatiron+Green Mt. (2:07, 3000′)
Legs had already come around a lot this morning after Jemez this weekend; felt quite a bit better than I expected. The First was predictably busy on this gorgeous holiday, with a number of parties making their ways up the face. Took the long, mellow cruise down to Red Lion Inn and Boulder Canyon as my descent. Right after the run I hopped in the Roost and cranked out the 9hr drive to see my parents in Nebraska. It was full-on summer mode when I got there—green and fragrant and humid with thunderstorms flashing in the distance and a brilliant sunset firing up the western horizon…