Event Schedule


Aug 11 – 2408/26/2014

Mon – Mt. Elbert (2:12, 4500′)
Up West Ridge, down NE Ridge from Halfmoon Creek. Great run. This outing gave me the confidence that I can actually do UTMB. I’ve been maintaining–even improving–my fitness for the past month, but I haven’t been able to do much or any legitimate running. Today’s route involved 45min of running before the 3000′-in-one-mile hump up the backside of the peak and 40min descent down the standard trail. Not only was my shin pain-free with all the running, but I matched my PR for the West Ridge climb despite the crisp temps rendering the talus footing a bit frosty…

Aug 4 – 1008/11/2014

Mon – 1st & 2nd Flatirons (1:00, 1600′)
I had to get up to Twin Lakes for an NB photoshoot, so I just did another easy hiking/scrambling cruise from Chautauqua to baby my shin. After downclimbing off the First I decided to just downclimb the Freeway on the Second, too, to spice things up…

July 21 – Aug 308/08/2014

Mon – 1st & 2nd Flatirons (0:58, 1600′)
Biked up to Chat under the merciful cover of some high, thin clouds—it would’ve been unbearably hot otherwise as temps have been pushing into the upper-90s in Boulder lately—and resolved to just take it easy on the shin, all hiking and scrambling, no running.