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RTW Ruminations: Feb 16 – 2202/23/2015

Mon – Green Mt (2:01, 3000′) + Climbing Gym
I was leery of running for the fourth day in a row, but today’s heavy snowfall precluded any driving for me, so no skiing. I employed Microspikes and trekking poles to punt through the fluff on the uphill and then had a blast floating down the Ranger and Gregory Canyon trails. As it turned out, my shin was 100%—a big confidence boost, but I’m looking forward to a couple days of skiing now, just to be safe…

RTW Ruminations: Feb 9 – 1502/18/2015

Mon – Bear & Green via copious scrambling (5:05, 8500′)
AP-PR-FH-O-BR-Stns-Fist-Green-1st-Amphitheater Pinnacles. Hit the two local peaks with lots of scrambling along the way, facilitating the vert. Also, a surprising amount of running (back and forth on the Mesa Trail, all the way down Fern Canyon, all the way down Green Mountain), so this was an encouraging outing for my shin…

RTW Ruminations: Feb 2 – 802/09/2015

Mon – Allenspark Skiing (1:10, 2000′) + Climbing Gym
I headed up to A-park today with plans of logging a few more laps, but my legs had a different idea. Right from the start I was super tired and instead of coming out of it after 20-30min (which is typical), it just worsened as I headed uphill. The weather certainly wasn’t helping things as I was basically in an all-out blizzard with white-out conditions and 30-50mph winds that the tree cover wasn’t even able to fully diffuse. None of this should’ve been a surprise—the wind/snow was forecasted up high—and with 40k’ of vert over the previous four days I should’ve expected some significant accumulated fatigue today…

RTW Ruminations: January 26 – Feb 102/05/2015

Mon – Flatiron Scrambling (4:22, 5500′)
1st Flatiron->3rd Flatiron->Morning After->Green Mt Pinnacle West Chimney->Challenger->Yodeling Moves->Regency->Royal Arch->5th Flatiron->Fist/Hippo Head->Green Mt
It hit +73F today in Boulder. Which felt hot. On the bike ride up to Chautauqua, at 8:30am, I already felt like shedding my shirt, so I could tell it was going to be a sloggy, dehydrated day on the big east-facing slabs. But it was also glorious, of course…