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RTW Ruminations: Mar 16 – 2903/31/2015

Mon – Dinosaur Mt+Fatiron+SoBo+Bear+Seal Rock+Green (5:04, 8000′)
Back from Spain, and I’m so psyched. It seemingly changed from winter to summer while I was gone (+10F and several feet of snow when I left two weeks ago, very nearly +80F today!). Tagged Dinosaur via AP-PR on the way over on the Mesa and then headed up Shadow Cyn/SoBo via the Fatiron. The Fatiron is one of Gerry Roach’s Top-10 Flatiron Classics, and in my opinion it’s made even more so by being logically positioned for a summit of either SoBo or Bear Peaks (or both, as I did today)…

RTW Ruminations: March 9 – 1503/19/2015

After flying into Barcelona late last night, I had a much-needed day off from really any kind of activity today. Since the race on Saturday, I’ve had a hard time eating much food. Which is super frustrating, because I feel starving and ravenous most of the time, but then when I go to eat a solid meal, it doesn’t take long for me to become nauseous and lose my appetite. I’m not sure this has ever really happened to me after a race before…

RTW Ruminations: Feb 23 – Mar 103/06/2015

Mon – Gold Hill+Cherryvale Loop (5:23, 41mi, 3500′)
This run was fun. I do enjoy running. Sometimes—amidst all the joys and rewards of scrambling, climbing, and skiing—its easy for me to forget the sheer kinesthetic pleasure of clicking along at a steady pace, covering ground quickly and efficiently. Growing up in the more mellow topography of Nebraska it was certainly the most apt, logical form of athletic communion with the landscape for me at the time, and that deep-seated relationship—20 years now!—will never go away…