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RTW Ruminations: April 20 – 2604/26/2015

Mon – It seemed like my morning was consumed with watching the livestream of the Boston Marathon, which was an extremely exciting race on both the men’s and women’s side. Pure racing like that will always make for better drama than time-trialing to a world record. I saw Jeremy Rodgers in the afternoon. Definitely some periostitus and a stress reaction, possible stress fracture. Can’t really know without an MRI, but, we both agreed, that wouldn’t really change treatment, so not worth the $1k+…

RTW Ruminations: April 13 – 1904/22/2015

Mon – Longs Peak (3:48, 5000′)
The forecast today looked perfect up high, so Joe and I went for a long overdue ascent of my favorite mountain. Snow conditions are overall getting super stable right now, but we still avoided any major difficulties (i.e. Kieners) by kicking our way up Lambslide to the Loft and wrapping around to take Keplinger’s Couloir and the Homestretch to the summit…

RTW Ruminations: March 30 – Apr 1204/15/2015

Mon – Flatirons Scrambling+Green Mt (4:19, 7000′)
After the last four days on the road, it was glorious to get back to Boulder for a full day of scrambling…