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April 28 – May 405/05/2014

Mon – 1st Flatiron+Green Mt. (1:42, 3000′)+climbing gym
I spent last week easing my body back into activity with purely flat running on the abundant bike paths in and around Boulder. The hip responded well, so today I tested it out with some vertical. It went great. My hip felt 100% and it was so nice to do some scrambling after the week away in Japan and the subsequent week on the flats. It doesn’t take much to reinvigorate the desire, even for just my backyard hills.

Tue – Green Mt. (1:35, 3000′)
I ran up the hill today via Gregory Canyon and the Ranger trail, and was pleased to run every step, even the final pitch of rock steps. I’m hoping to stay a little more consistently in touch with continuous running this summer as late in races it’s often pretty key to stubbornly keep running even when you want to hike.

Wed – 1st Flatiron+Green Mt. (1:37, 3000′)
I felt great today. Ran to Chat and then dispatched of the First with a quick 14min scramble before marching to the top of the mountain with more energy and pop than I’ve felt in a long time.

Thu – Green Mt. (1:30, 3000′)
Back to just running today, so I went up Gregory Canyon again. This is a route I’ve really neglected the past couple of years—after it basically being the default during 2009/2010—and today was the first time in several months when I actually felt competent running up it. A 38min ascent really isn’t a big deal when I’ve had sessions in the past where I’ve done four laps in a row in 35-36min, but honestly I can’t even remember the last time I broke 40min on this particular route. So today was a good day.

Fri – Longs Peak (3:19, 5000′)
Up and down the North Face/Cables. Holy moly, it’s been a while since I’ve been up this mountain. Since the day before I left for Chamonix last August, to be exact. And I hadn’t even been to 14k’ since I climbed Grays and Torreys in late December. Despite that, I felt reasonably okay above treeline. Conditions were pretty ideal, with manageable wind gusts, and snow conditions were very solid. Later in the day, however, despite drinking lots of water, I was pretty wrecked with an altitude headache. Other than that, the hip felt great, and overall I’m just so thankful to finally be able to get back to doing the things I love.

Sat – 1st Flatiron+Green Mt. (2:05, 3200′)
My legs were tired today, but in that glorious way where they eventually warm up and it feels so nice to just be clipping along, enjoying the morning and making the rounds. I descended Bear Canyon today, making the circuit a little longer than usual, but the gorgeous weather just begged for a little more time on the trails.

Sun – Longs Peak (3:11, 5000′)
Same exact outing as on Friday (up and down via the Cables), except that I was already feeling quite a bit better at altitude. It’s probably just a mental thing, but it feels more real than that. Today was warmer than Friday, but windier. A few gusts between Jim Grove and Mt Lady Washington reminded me who’s boss, but when it came time to don crampons at the base of the Cables, I found that it wasn’t even necessary to put on my puffy jacket. I somehow voluntarily awoke before my alarm this morning, so I was back at the trailhead before 10am and even with a leisurely mug of jav at The Stone Cup in Lyons I was back in Boulder before noon.

The Diamond and the north face of Longs Peak this weekend.

The Diamond and the north face of Longs Peak this weekend.

The main snowfield remaining on the north face above the Cables.

The main snowfield remaining on the north face above the Cables.

#42, lifetime summit.

#42, lifetime summit.

174 responses to “April 28 – May 4”

  1. Dave says:

    Congrats on the new site! Hope to see you at the “Under the Sun” group run on Tuesday.

  2. Wes says:

    Anton, you kick-ass at kicking-ass. Glad i can be reading about your adventures again.

  3. Daniel says:

    So Fresh, So Clean Tony! Diggin it!

  4. Tony B says:

    Cool site, I’ve enjoyed following your journey over the past year–you’ve provided much needed inspiration, more than you know.
    I look forward to reading of your future pursuits.
    Take care!

  5. Jeff Anagnostou says:

    Great to see you healthy and training hard again.

    Really awesome new site!

  6. Chad Johnson says:

    Glad to hear the hip exercises worked. I have to do mine once a week and have been cruising since. Cant believe I didnt see you on Longs on Sunday, although I hit the Keyhole instead. Gotta love Longs before the summer crowds.

    Enjoy the rebirth!

  7. Jason E. says:

    Good lookin’ site Anton! Glad to read that you’re bouncing around the hills again. Stay strong man.

  8. Will Noonan says:

    Good to see you are getting back into the high country. The website is a great. An excellent leap forward.

  9. Sam says:

    Glad to hear things are feeling better! Keep being an inspiration!

  10. Coach Dion says:

    One day when I’m big I’m going to run up a mountain every day… but for now it will have to be only every weekend!!!

  11. Toby says:

    Yo Tony,

    are you going with regular compression now?!
    congrats on that healing process

    peace out

  12. René says:

    Love the new website, only would have liked a bigger layout of the letters for reading on a mobile device.

  13. Wujek Sroka says:

    Congratulations and by the way:

    What shoes You’ ll run this season?
    These ones looks like a joke:


    No “Krupicka’s factor” anymore?

    Take care, Master.

  14. marijn says:

    amazing stuff and great new website! Inspiration to many! Keep it up!

  15. Hi Anton,

    have you ever try Bioptron lamp (http://www.bioptron.eu/) for your muscle/tendoms issues? It works pretty good and is able to recovery much more faster.
    Take care nad have fun.


  16. MX says:

    dude, I seriously run less when you’re not blogging :)

  17. Moshe says:

    Congrats on the new site, and being healthy again!
    The RSS link doesn’t work with Sage reader anymore (the old one used to).

  18. Nice week, glad to see you on Longs again. Don’t forget, with the flood damage, Gregory/Ranger is a bit slower with the rocky wash to cross at the start, at the ~5 minute bridge that is now gone and then the big wash below the cabin where we now have to cross 4 times now vs. 1 before. Add in the slight increase in distance, and the narrow bobbing and weaving through the trees…. Each one is not much, but I am certain it is adding at least a minute to ascent and descent times.

  19. Patrick says:

    Love the ‘retro’ site look. Great to see you back at it.

  20. CZ says:

    The new site looks great!
    Best of luck.

  21. D Hill says:

    Cool site TK, dig it. And good to see you back above treeline.

  22. Kim says:

    You are an amazing man.

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