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Dec 2 – 812/09/2013

Mon-AM: 0:32, 500′ ~ Sunshine Canyon
Out and back on the basically flat trail that goes up the Canyon. Still clearing some congestion out of my sinuses and still mostly deaf (ear infection that caused blisters on my ear drums), but I could tell that the run wasn’t doing any harm.

Tue-AM: 0:44, 1200′ ~ Sunshine-Red Rocks
Just a loop up the canyon and back up over the hill. First foray into some vert felt good. I love running.

Wed-AM: 1:34, 1800′ ~ Sanitas
Took the back way up Sanitas in the -5F temps and fresh snow and then finished up with a big loop on the streets to extend the time. I forgot how much I love running in winter.

Thu-AM: 1:31, 3000′ ~ Green
Ran to Chat and then up and down the mountain. More cold weather and snow, tons of fun.

Fri-AM: 1:34, 3000′ ~ Green
Another lap on Green, pretty much exactly the same as yesterday except the route was a little more packed.

Sat-AM: 1:58, 3200′ ~ Green
Up the mountain and then down Bear Canyon and back to Chat before running home. But these inversion layers make it super cold after descending the mountain.

Sun-AM: 1:58, 3200′ ~ Green
Exact same run as yesterday but it was noticeably warmer than the last few days at +12F. Funny how 15 degrees can make things feel so much more comfortable.

Hours: 9h51min
Vert: 15,900′

Such a relief to start back running this week and finally feel that my legs are back under me for the first time since UTMB. Running is so much fun.

The Hardrock lottery on Saturday was, of course, a disappointment for me—I’d be so psyched to join that field at the front—but so it goes. As such, my 2014 plans have solidified a little more. I’m planning on heading out to Moab in February for the early season classic Red Hot 55K as a tune-up before the 125K Transgrancanaria on March 1st. I haven’t decided about April yet, but I very much expect to race Transvulcania in May, maybe Zegama, and then probably another crack at Nolans 14 in June before Speedgoat and UTMB in July and August. TGC, Nolans, and UTMB will be the focus efforts for the year.

This next week, I’m heading out to the northeast with Joel Wolpert for a trio of “In The High Country” film screenings in:
Burlington, VT (11th)
Boston (13th)
New York City (17th)
Click the links for ticket information.

36 responses to “Dec 2 – 8”

  1. llvlaglne says:

    Glad you are back man, always interested to hear of your latest adventures and plans for 2014

    Feel better tony

  2. welcome back, dude. after being sidelined some by my own strange illness encounters for several weeks, seeing this kinda made my day.

  3. Jamie Falk says:

    Might just inspire me to get out in the -20 windchill today. I’m in the process of moving and have not been running as much as I’d like.

    Glad to see you’re back!

  4. RUNssel says:

    Zegama please! Thanks 😉

  5. Mat Grills says:

    ANTON! Great to see you back mate after a little hiatus! Can’t wait to read about your adventures in 2014 and stoked your gonna have another crack at Nolan’s so soon! Stay healthy and take some names next gear! It’s your time for sure!

  6. David Hill says:

    Glad to hear you’ll take another shot at Nolan’s. Best of luck in 2014.

  7. Dallas Green says:

    Its good to see that you survived this epic Arctic Winter blast. I was up on the 1st Flat Iron via the 1st Flat Iron Trail all last week with one morning at -9F it got really silly ha!

    Question how did you get up Green I been waiting for 3 months to get up there via Gregory Canon/Ranger and according to the main website its still blocked off till the end of Dec.

    Sorry to hear about Hardrock it would be a great race for sure with You, Joe and Dakota charging up in the front. But!!! Nolans 14 is where its at. Thats all you and way more interesting and exciting.

  8. mathisonej says:

    I’ve been bummed about the paucity of posts, Tony. I think there’s a strong correlation between your training and mine: when you’re logging crazy miles it gets me pumped up to run more. I’m glad to see you’re back at it!

  9. Trunil says:

    Happy to see you back!

  10. Show me Your shoes.

  11. Leo says:

    Bienvenido maestro, lo estábamos esperando.

  12. JPFloyd says:

    See you in Burlington TK. Not sure your plans/escort, but consider a Skyline Traverse in the Stowe area. Very Green’esque–just a bit lower in ‘tude.

  13. ..looking forward to Friday in Boston. I’d be happy show you the trails of Lexington and Concord if you’re looking for a run!

  14. Long says:


    from Chautauqua take the Mesa Trail S to Bear Canyon to Green Bear. You’re looking at around 6.5 miles of fairly runnable trail. Some of the trail is somewhat blown in with snow, which will slow you going up, but not down. Consider starting at NCAR to cut some mileage.

  15. coach dion says:

    You should make another turn in SA, there is lots of great runs you missed out on being injured last time…

  16. Enzo Moretto says:

    Welcome back Anton, my best wishes for the season 2014!!

  17. Good stuff Tony.. Glad to hear your doing better..

  18. David says:

    It’s nice to see you hit Sanitas once in a while. It’s a bit smaller than Green or Bear, but makes for a good ‘sprint’ workout midweek when I don’t have time for a multi-hour adventure around Chat. Plus it’s a great trail for practicing your footwork (especially the front side).

    I thought I saw you last month on Sanitas, but it turned out to be your doppleganger – I believe Alan was his name. Apparently people call out “Hi Tony” all the time to him. Or maybe it was just you trying to go incognito…. Make sure to say “Hi Tony” to him if you ever cross paths (you’ll know him when you see him).

  19. Dan says:

    You should head over to the Presidentials in NH, and try to break the winter FKT for the Presidential Traverse.

  20. Hey TK, great to see you back running again! I’m sure I speak for many when I say we’d love to hear what you learned from this time away… And what you might change up as you prepare for UTMB. Dang, we were pulling for you to win that race this year!!!

    All the best and TAKE GOOD CARE OF YOURSELF!! :-)

  21. blondeau says:

    Hey Anton,
    Just thought I’d let you know that I recently did some writing on ultramarathon running and spirituality based on some of the comments you made about human limitation on “Kilian’s Quest.”

    Appreciate you, man!

  22. mudpluslotus says:

    “I love running”.

    Sometimes it really is that simple.

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  24. Ole Uncle B says:

    nice to see the blogging you is back! Always like seeing pics from the flat irons.

  25. Riemannia says:

    Welp, glad to see you’re back running. It’s good to see someone overcoming their injuries – the fallout of a metatarsal stress fracture has kept me from running consistently since this summer.

    If I remember correctly, I first discovered Phantogram on this blog (along with a plethora of other fantastic music). Not sure if you’ve heard this stuff yet, but it’s pretty freaking fantastic.

  26. Lisa says:

    Hi Anton!

    Good to read your words again. Just wondering- my niece just passed her dissertation defense and she is officially a PhD at the Institute of Arctic and Alpine Research at UC Boulder. She may go to Switzerland for her post-doc, which is exciting. I thought through your studies you knew her? Janet Prevey is her name.

    Do you plan to pursue a PhD in your field?

    Anyway, best wishes for you in 2014!

  27. Ignacio says:

    bienvenido al jamming del correr Anton! good luck men! el 2014 es tuyo crazy menos : )!!

  28. Andri Septen says:

    I believe my chiropractor worsened my stress fracture. I have a tibial stress fracture…causing pain I thought was my knee. The chiropractor said my leg was out of alignment, pulled my leg and whacked the sides of my knee to put things back. I told him this was hurting…but he didn’t stop. The pain got worse, and I had an MRI from the sports doctor and found a severe stress fracture. No more chiropractor for me.

    metatarsal stress fracture

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