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Dec 23 – 2901/01/2014

Mon-AM: 2:18, 4500′ ~ Bear & Green
Easy loop over the peaks. Grunting up Fern Canyon was a little slower than normal due to a couple inches of fresh snow.
PM: 1:08, 2700′ ~ 2nd Flatiron+Green
Biked to Chautauqua and wasn’t running until after 4:30pm, so most of this outing was in the dark. Scrambling the Freeway on the 2nd was fun, a little spicy with the dusting of snow on everything.

Tue-AM: 1:37, 3000′ ~ Green Mt.
Up and out the door early before driving home to Nebraska for Christmas. Exceptionally windy morning, and my legs were a bit tired from yesterday’s first double in a long time.

Wed-AM: 3:35, 1800′ ~ Verdigre Loop (Nebraska)
Awesome run. At 32 miles this was the longest run I’ve ever done back home in Nebraska and it was a great way to spend Christmas morning. This is a 30mi loop, but when I was nearing the end I thought I might as well go a full 50K (in 3:28) and then jogged another mile as a cooldown. 10 mile splits were 69:20, 66:30, 64:50. Really fun to just get out and roll along at a steady pace for a few hours; definitely boosted my confidence a bit in my fitness. Also, I haven’t done a run like this in a long time…a couple of years at least. I’m anticipating a couple races this year with lots of flattish running, so I might be doing a run like this fairly regularly here in the early season.

Thu-AM: 2:02, 1000′ ~ Nebraska
Nice, easy recovery jog on one of my favorite 15 mile loops here in Nebraska. Felt good to get out and go easy on tight legs from yesterday.

Fri-AM: 1:02, 600′ ~ Nebraska
Down to the river and back via the “Ethiopian Trail”. Brilliant moonlight from a quarter-orb, and I even saw a shooting star. I love easy jogs like this at home.
PM: 2:16, 4500′ ~ Bear & Green
Back in Boulder after a long day of driving, but my legs felt fantastic as they often do in the evening after a morning run. Had to turn on my light once I entered Fern Canyon, and really enjoyed the unseasonably warm evening and having the trails all to myself. Shorts and a t-shirt.

Sat-AM: 5:07, 5200′ ~ Torreys & Grays
Parked just off the highway with Joe and went up Kelso Ridge before making the trudge up Grays as well. Ugh. My first time above 9000′ or so since August, and I could tell. Above 12k’ I was struggling. Today was my first outing on my new skis, and I suppose I learned some things. We skinned up to basically the base of Kelso Ridge before ditching the skis and continuing on in our boots. Our boots are light, but it’s nothing like scrambling in a pair of running shoes, haha. Skiing down the road at the end of the day was, of course, a nice pay-off.

Sun-AM: 2:02, 3000′ ~ Green Mt.
Up Gregory-Ranger and down to Red Lion and back down the Creek Path. A few inches of fresh snow made for a nice low-intensity outing. Unexpectedly caught up to Jurker while heading down to the highway; nice to share some strides with him after not seeing much of each other the last few months.
AM2: Climbing at Movement. Gym climbing is interesting; it’s basically reducing the act of climbing to the pure kinesthetic/physical aspect, removing virtually all of the danger, uncertainty and route-finding of climbing on actual rock outside. Good for getting strong, that’s for sure.
PM: 1:02, 200′ ~ Creek Path
Easy jog in the dark in the evening. Trying to re-boost the amount of actual running I’m doing this season.

Hours: 22h09min
Vert: 26,800′

Really good week of running here. I had a pretty big boost in volume this week, and with all of the flatlander running back home in Nebraska even managed 130 miles or so. I can feel myself finally starting to build some fitness, but Saturday’s outing up into the thin air was a rude reminder of the fact that I’ve spent most of the past month on the road at near sea-level elevations. Altitude acclimation will return quickly, though.

Mom and Dad on the spread.
Joe cruising up Kelso Ridge on Torreys Peak on Saturday.

17 responses to “Dec 23 – 29”

  1. David Henry says:

    Nice. I’ve kind of rediscovered some value in the flatter running too (read 1-2 times a week) especially for most racing in the US, it seems almost essential given the flatter/smoother nature of most courses. Sounds like you on are in a good place early in the season. Good luck this winter/spring!

  2. Sam says:

    Nice work!

  3. Chris Cawley says:

    Bring your shoes in the backpack and leave the boots with the skis…

  4. Dallas Green says:

    50K in 3:28?!?! Dude…Your killing it. And now your experimenting with Mountaineering/Alpine Skiing…Watch out Euro Runners!

    I agree with Chris Cawley pack your running shoes in your UD Pack.

    When I solo the 2nd Flat Iron I usually do the same thing. I pack my climbing shoes in my pack and switch out my running shoes at the base of the 2nd then switch back out at the top.

    (Granted I know it can be done with out climbing shoes, but having full traction with a climbing shoe makes me feel a lot more secure.)

    Either way man what a big week for you when most people are taking it easy…I think it will be a advantage come race season esp with the cross training.

  5. Tony, or anyone else that wants to chime in…

    Don’t you think we all like to mix it up more than we might want to admit?

    Take yourself example. You spent so many years covering runnable terrain with such dedication that when you started getting into really steep, more scrambling type stuff it was a movement that you could relate to as a runner but it was still new and fresh. Now that you’ve been concentrating on that for a few years its fun for you to go back to a 30ish mile, flat run and just cruise it.

    I know when I first moved to Colorado almost 2 years ago I dared not step foot on pavement because I’m a trail runner and that’s what I do. Over the last few months I’ve gotten back on the roads 2 days a week. I’ve noticed a few things. 1.) I’ve gotten faster in the mountains. 2.) I feel like a more well rounder runner. 3.) I’m enjoying my time on pavement. Gasp!!

    I think we all have a lot to gain by mixing our training up. Both mentally and physically.

    Best of luck in the new year,

  6. Dallas Green says:

    Tony and Others,

    Not sure if you seen this footage
    (I assume you have) but its a in depth coverage following the UTMB 2013 Race and follows you and the leaders through out the showing.

    (You have to get past the Euro Commercials in between though ha!)

    Its one thing to read about it on irungfar or online but this is as close as it gets to being there via your laptop.

    Truly a Mighty Effort TK!



  7. Max Keith says:

    Hey man, what watch are you wearing now? No more Highgear?


  8. Billy says:

    Great job out there Tony. Can you share which NB’s you prefer when tackling a flat-ish, runnable surface like you did on the 30+ miler?

    Happy New Year bud. Hoping you (finally) have a healthy, injury-free year.

  9. Dave says:


    If you are ever back in the area, or would like a place to stay a bit, we have a cabin in Devils Nest, just a few miles down the road from your parent’s place. We go up there quite a bit, (we are from Omaha), and if you ever need someone to check on your parents or need anything, we would be glad to help. Really enjoy your blog and you have basically gotten me back into running again.

  10. Anton says:

    Chris – Oh I know. I tried to convince Joe that we should pack shoes; of course, now he agrees. Live and learn. Obviously, the best option would be to haul the planks up and shred Dead Dog couloir…I don’t see that as being within my skillset anytime soon, though…

    Max – Suunto Core. Still trying to figure out what watch I like best.

    Billy – I was wearing a pair of the RC1400s on that 30 miler. On the more casual flatter stuff I’ve been wearing the new 980 Fresh Foams. Lotsa cush, but still a 4mm drop.

  11. Amazing week man! Thanks for taking the time to write all this up, it’s a great inspiration on the good days and a decent kick in the butt on the bad days!

    Glad to see you doing better again!

  12. Happy New Year.

    Nice that Suunto Core.It´s made here in Finland.
    I´m using Garmin 310XT because it´s battery can take almost 20 hours activity.

    Be healthy and take care !

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