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Injury Update07/23/2011

I went to Dr. Voss in Lafayette today to have my second post-injury follow-up x-ray.  Things are coming along great compared to six weeks ago.

June 11th (day of injury) x-ray on left, today’s (July 22nd) x-ray on the right. 

The initial displacement of the chunk of fibular head (as seen on the left) has fully re-placed itself and has (according to Dr. Voss) now about 80% bridged back to the fibula itself.  The x-ray image on the right is of much poorer quality, but things are coming along well.  There’s a bit of a gap still left on the lateral edge of the break that has yet to fully calcify, but despite this Dr. Voss already recommended extensive weight-bearing activity–biking, hiking, etc.  He even said a little bit of very light jogging might be appropriate to help stimulate bone growth, but I think I’m going to hold off on that test for another week or so–see how it holds up to some hour-ish or so hikes first, and also give my quadricep some time to fully regain some girth.

While this is all very exciting for me, the past six weeks haven’t been totally void of activity. The first couple of weeks following the leg injury did involve a lot of sitting.  And icing.  After the swelling had gone down, I eventually became much more mobile with the crutches and began to get out to do things.  One of the most exciting things was crewing for Joe at the Hardrock 100 a couple of weeks ago, even if my busted leg meant that I couldn’t do much more than hobble around and take pictures and maybe give him the occasional slap on the ass.  Luckily, he had D-Bow and his wife Deanne to help with the more crucial aspects of in-race management.

Joe leaving Grouse Gulch (mi 42) at HR with D-Bow, Deanne, and myself in the background. Photo: Bob MacGillivray.

Of course, just being at Hardrock was immensely inspirational and motivating to try once again to get into that race for 2012.  All of the downtime this summer has given me plenty of space to think about what kind of and which running events I want to pursue next year, but I suppose those topics are really more appropriate for a separate, future post.  In the meantime, I’m just looking forward to getting back out on the trails (if only hiking) and maybe even pursuing a little cross-training (biking).

40 responses to “Injury Update”

  1. Dale Nesbitt says:

    One injured runner to another: Hang in there.

  2. solarweasel says:

    hey great news man. looks like you can lose that uni-crutch now

  3. GZ says:

    Yes, hear, hear – glad to hear that the mending is going as well as it can be. Good seeing you for a bit at BTMR.

    Should be interesting to see what you are thinking for next year. Shoot for the track meet at WS? Or the epic mountains of HR? Or return to Pb for a crack at that Colorado classic’s course record? Or back to Europe for UTMB? Or? Or? Or?

    Or the Nick Clark strategy which is do them all sort of thing (sans Pb).

  4. cwells51 says:

    It’s great to see that things are progressing as they should. And needless to say, that even though you have been cleared to do some light running, It’s good that you aren’t testing the leg too strenuously yet. When you love running so much, it shows a lot of strength to know when it’s best NOT to do it. Congrats on the healing. Looking forward to future posts.

  5. trailrutger says:

    It is great to hear your knee is healing as well as it does.

    Regards from the Netherlands

  6. Agiofws says:

    Hey i just hope you recvover and get back at what you do best on the trails…

  7. Mark Berry says:

    Anton, one question – who is the guy with long hair and the leg brace wearing a shirt (I don’t think I’d seen a picture of a shirt-wearing Anton before)?

  8. Cross training? I’ll believe it when I see it…. ;).

    Glad to hear you are mending well. Have been missing your presence on Green.

  9. Olga says:

    Looks really good, that xray! It was great to see you hobbling around so well and seemingly effortless. That endurance, it does things to folks:)

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  11. Great news Tony! As you know. But then again I guess GREAT news would be you letting us know that the knee was in such great shape that the doc told ya to get the hell outta his office to hit up Green for some rehab work! We can all dream right?

  12. Billy says:

    Best wishes on a speedy recovery Tony. Hope to see you at Hardrock one day too.

  13. Glad to hear the great news man.
    The trail will taste so sweet.

  14. Glad to hear the great news man.
    The trail will taste so sweet.

  15. Lars says:

    Hey Tony, that’s great! Still the best wishes for a good recovery!

  16. Derek says:

    Here’s to coming back strong – best of luck!

  17. Dylan Bowman says:

    You forgot to mention the other key member of Joe’s crew also in that photo. His #1 fan and Captian of Team Bada Bing-Justin “The Lip” Lutick.

    Good news dude. Hope to see you in Leadville.

  18. Jean Pommier says:

    Yikes, I had missed the bad fall, Tony, best of luck for a good and prompt recovery. I have had your Indulgence DVD on my shelf for 3 years and finally watched it this weekend (and blogged about it): miles passed but you haven’t changed! 😉

    Happy “Ethernet” surfing while you heal…


  19. It’s great to see that you’re having a relitively fast recovery. Hopefully we’ll see you on the trails you know and love sooner than later.

  20. It’s great to see that you’re having a relitively fast recovery. Hopefully we’ll see you on the trails you know and love sooner than later.

  21. hello
    let me ask you if dr.voss saw the periosteal bone reaction of the proximal tibia, (stress fractures give that radiological change from first to second x-ray)

  22. Barry Bliss says:

    The body is amazing.
    Good news, brother.

  23. Sonja says:

    good to hear you’re better.. hope your next visit to the doctor brings even more good news..

  24. josh young says:

    Hey tony. Glad to hear you’re well on your way towards a successful recovery and that you are now allowed to perform some weight bearing resistance exercise. Drop me a line and I would be more than happy to send you some Isometric exercises for your hamstring, glute and Quad muscle groups which will not only increase the neuromuscular recruitment of the exercising muscles, it will also improve the joint stability of the knee and hip as well. I have extensive post-rehab and chronic pain treatment experience and I know I would be able to help in your recovery. If you are interested You can reach me at: joshyoung75@hotmail.com. I look forward to hearing from you.

    take care

  25. GZ says:

    PS Happy Birthday

  26. JessiePants says:

    Glad to hear time is healing this wound. Also, lovely to hear that you were out in spirit and support even though you couldn’t be running.

  27. Patrick says:

    Do you think you’ll be able to make it to the USATF 100k at Bandera, Tx?

  28. C.J. Hitz says:

    Saw the New Balance spot you did on the RW site. Great clip! Very well articulated as you captured the simplicity of running.

  29. Hope your 28th goes well. Good luck with everything.

  30. Hope your 28th goes well. Good luck with everything.

  31. mikha-el says:

    Awesome news, hope you’ll be fine in no time. Gladly, runner’s body is regenerating and healing a lot quicker than that of a lazybones :-)

  32. Edward says:

    This comment has been removed by the author.

  33. rudy says:

    great that your healing so you can get back to the wilderness you love, right? so whats wrong wrong wrong with that last picture. a millions trucks, no wilderness. we have gone mad.

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