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Injuries and Related Thoughts11/12/2017

Since May 8th, I’ve been dealing with an achilles injury in my left heel. Insertional achilles tendinosis. As if ascribing it a label makes any fucking difference in my ability to do what I want with my body. This spring I was coming off a…

Nebraska Bike Trip10/09/2017

Ever since I bought my first legit bike my freshman year of college (2002; rehab from a stress fracture, duh), I’ve had the idea to ride my bike from the Front Range to my childhood home in Nebraska and back. Since my achilles flared back up again in August—precluding running, scrambling, and even climbing, sadly—now seemed as good a time as any to see what it’s like to log big (ish), self-supported miles day after day. In summary, it was great.

Lone Peak Cirque, SLC: Lowe Route with Jason 7/28/1709/03/2017

This year I cold messaged Jason Dorais to see if he’d be interested in a smash-n-grab style ascent of the uber-classic Lowe Route in the Lone Peak Cirque. As far as I can tell, this cirque is the alpine rock jewel of the range.

Tetons: Cathedral Traverse with Jason 8/4/201708/28/2017

After somewhat unexpectedly running the last eight peaks of the Grand Traverse—the Grand Teton (via Upper Exum Ridge), Middle Teton, South Teton, Ice Cream Cone, Gilkey Tower, Spalding Tower, Cloudveil Dome, and New Perce—on my birthday, Tuesday August 2nd, without my foot totally blowing up, I texted my buddy Jason Dorais the next day and wondered if he would want to come up to the Tetons a day early to scout the Cathedral Traverse with me.

All Mixed Up with Jed01/19/2017

On Monday (MLK Day), Jed and I got out for some ice climbing in Rocky Mountain National Park. I came back from Patagonia on the first of the year with my eyes opened to the majesty and satisfaction of true alpine climbing—i.e. routes and peaks that require a combination of rock, ice, and mixed skills, not just rock climbing at altitude—and a determination to start putting in the work to become more experienced in these complicated environments. All of the most inspiring mountains in the world require these skills…