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RTW Ruminations: Feb 16 – 2202/23/2015


Mon – Green Mt (2:01, 3000′) + Climbing Gym
I was leery of running for the fourth day in a row, but today’s heavy snowfall precluded any driving for me, so no skiing. I employed Microspikes and trekking poles to punt through the fluff on the uphill and then had a blast floating down the Ranger and Gregory Canyon trails. As it turned out, my shin was 100%—a big confidence boost, but I’m looking forward to a couple days of skiing now, just to be safe. In the evening, Joe and I made a return to the climbing gym after a couple of weeks away. My performance was inglorious, to say the least.

Tue – Allenspark Skiing (4:16, 7000′)
Easily the most snow I’ve seen up here this year. Joe was feeling pretty worked from his last couple weeks of racing and traveling, so trail-breaking duties were left to me, and it was arduous. So much snow that even all the downhills were slow today—I guess that’s what you get on skis with a 65mm waist.

Wed – Allenspark Skiing (5:00, 8000′)
Returned to the hill today on my own with plans for putting in a big day—was hoping for five or six laps. However, I bonked super hard on #3, and even after drinking and getting some calories in, it was all I could do to shuffle up the hill one more time. Still a good day in the mountains.

I completed my recent Dave Eggers binge today when I finished his 2013 novel The Circle. It was my least favorite of the three (the other two being excellent: A Hologram For The King and Your Fathers, Where Are They? And the Prophets, Do They Live Forever?)—it seemed to almost read more like a Hardy Boys story or something—but it was suitably entertaining.

Thu – Bear+Green+Flagstaff+Anemone+Sanitas (4:10, 6500′) + Climbing Gym
I wanted to test my shin today with a real run (no scrambling), so ran from my apartment, up to Chautauqua, Mesa Trail over to Fern Canyon, and then came back over all the peaks. The trails were packed out nicely, making very a nice tacky surface on this warm day, and I was overjoyed to finish out the run feeling confident in the shin. It’s been a long time since I’ve deliberately ran every step on the uphills, which was the case today, save Fern Canyon. It’s a fun mental space to be back in. Back in the gym again in the evening, and it was way better than Monday. Climbing about as well as I ever have, actually.

Fri – Bear+Green+Flagstaff+Anemone+Sanitas (4:09, 6500′)
It was supposed to start snowing around mid-day today, but I got lucky with the weather and was able to get this entire run in wearing only shorts and a t-shirt. While my shin felt 98 or 99% yesterday, it was a full 100% today, which was a huge relief. I did an exact reprisal of yesterday’s outing, but due to the freeze-thaw of yesterday’s +60F temps, I had to actually employ the Microspikes in a few spots today. Really fun to be doing some real running.

Sat – Allenspark Skiing (4:40, 8000′)
Joe was gracious enough to come down to town and pick me up for a trip up to the mountains just as the snow was beginning to fall. We were surprised at how comfortable the temps were at the base of the mountain, and there even seemed to be a bit of an inversion going on, with the sun nearly poking through each time we climbed above 10,500′ or so. However, after the first couple of laps it really started snowing hard and by time we’d gotten our fill of vert, it was a full-on blizzard with pretty treacherous roads on the way home. Some of the best powder conditions I’ve ever experienced in my six weeks (but, 23 days) of skiing experience helped distract me from the running-induced fatigue in my legs.

Sun – Green Mt (2:25, 3000′)
I would’ve preferred skiing today in order to protect the shin before tomorrow’s planned long run, but, alas, this winter storm is for real and there was a veritable shit-ton of snow, certainly preventing any vehicular travel on my part (no 4wd). After running the streets up to Chautauqua, I basically waded up and down the front of Green mountain. The snow was typically at least knee deep and more than a few times I was wallowing through waist-deep powder and plunging my 130cm BD Z-poles nearly to the hilt. Gravity was barely enough assistance on the downhill, and once I emerged back onto the streets a biting breeze from the north chilled me to the bone, confirming the nearly single-digit temps. I was kept off of Green for basically all of the winter season last year with a persistent hip niggle, but today was the most snow I can remember on the mountain in a long, long time. If there were any kind of base to protect my skis from the rocks, it would’ve been super fun (and somewhat novel) to have just taken those out for a spin. Ended up with 26h41min and 42k’ vert on the week.

I was a big fan of Alt-J’s debut album a couple of years ago, so when there sophomore record came out last fall I downloaded it immediately and overplayed it just as quickly. Alt-J is one of the few bands where Joe’s and my musical tastes overlap, so when he recently started listening to this album I was reminded of just how good it is.

30 responses to “RTW Ruminations: Feb 16 – 22”

  1. Coach Dion says:

    I wanted to test my shin with a run, so I did 4 hours!!! and then for good measure another 4 hours the next day!!!

    Most people would do 30 min and say that felt good I will do 1 hour tomorrow!!!

    Maybe it’s time I stopped being lazy.

    • anton says:

      It’s a bit more nuanced than that. I’ve been sprinkling in up to 2ish hour runs for the last 6 weeks with many, many, many days of running/scrambling days in the 4-5hr range (often back-to-back). So, it wasn’t like I went zero to 4hr.

  2. Daniel says:

    Like a Boss…that is all!

  3. Max says:

    Hi Anton. Good to see you running well again !!
    Where do you take the picture at the top of your blog ! Amazing view !!

  4. Bill says:

    Coach Dion above: that’s exactly why this dude has been injured for about four years straight and blows up in every race he enters. I’d stick to being ‘lazy’ if I were you.

    • anton says:

      A valid point, for sure, Bill.

      But try sticking to facts. If by “every race” you mean the last three 100mi races I’ve done (Leadville 2012 and the last two UTMB’s), then, sure, I’ll agree that injuries directly or indirectly were major factors in my sub-par performances in each of those. I’ve had other races in the last four years that I feel good about, though.

  5. Michael says:

    Anton –

    You wrote a great article after your UTMB experience. You indicated that you would be revisiting your typical in-race nutrition plan (gels and coke). Wondering what became of this? Trying anything different? What did nutrition look like for you on yesterday’s 42 miler?

    Look forward to each of your posts, and your responses. Thanks for doing this.

    • anton says:

      I’ve been experimenting with boiled, lightly salted sweet potatoes. The plan will be to consume more starches at aid stations so I’m not completely reliant on gels. Yesterday’s fueling plan was super simple: 3 GUs, one each at the 2hr, 3hr, and 4hr marks.

      • Michael says:

        You ran 5 and half hours at 7:50 pace on 300 total calories?!?! Dude…

        I’m not sure if I’m impressed or terrified for you :) Everything I’ve read points to 200-300 calories per hour.
        You must feel like your body can perform at that level. Just surprising I guess.

  6. Tuomas (from Finland) says:

    AK, have you tried these two: Jonathan Wilson and Father John Misty. In my books the first made one the best records of 2014 (Fanfare) and the latter the best 2015 has to offer so far (I Love You, Honeybear). Well, if you can rank art anyway… Give ’em a shot! All the best, T

  7. Nate says:

    Love your music suggestions. You did an interview for some website a couple of months ago that got me turned on to Portugal. The Man’s 2013 “Evil Friends” album. Where you discussed singing “Sea of Air” all week on the trails at UTMB? I had liked “People Say” from them before, but “Evil Friends” might just be one of the best albums I’ve ever heard. This week’s alt-J plug is no different.

    Love your work man, stay healthy!

  8. Cordis says:

    Looks like you’re regaining some serious gusto on your feet! Hope to see you stay healthy, though it appears like your keeping a watchful eye on things.

    Slightly off topic, but will a search function ever be added to this new site? I still refer to the old Blogger site somewhat frequently for route ideas and information thereof. The search function makes finding things much easier. If not, well, oh well.

    Anyways, may your vert be tall and your miles long!

  9. Carson says:

    I have a nagging hamstring injury that’s been bothering me for months, but I still run and train and no one is calling me out on it. An increased athlete visibility, in part due to his generous sharing of daily routines, does not warrant baseless criticism from the security of an invisible face behind a moniker called “Bill”. I believe this is the definition of the word Troll.

  10. Logan says:

    “I completed my recent Dave Eggers binge today when I finished his 2013 novel The Circle. It was my least favorite of the three (the other two being excellent: A Hologram For The King and Your Fathers, Where Are They? And the Prophets, Do They Live Forever?)—it seemed to almost read more like a Hardy Boys story or something—but it was suitably entertaining”-

    We had spoken before on the topic of Eggers. In my opinion AHFTK was Eggers at his best, or at least large swaths affected me deeply garnering that opinion. However, The Circle came off to me as somewhat forced and uninteresting to say the least. I cannot really pin point what turned me off, it could of been the choice to create a lead character that I felt Eggers had no deep, clear connection with. His adaptability has been amazing in his past novels characters, but the female lead in The Circle just seemed forced and almost cliché.

    Anyways, I would like to hear your take on Your Fathers…

    God speed on the mountain.

    • anton says:

      Agreed on The Circle, though I don’t know if it had anything to do with the lead character being female. Your Fathers was pretty much critically panned but I thought it was super unique in its format and the general theme—a guy looking for answers, even literally, as the case is here—is timeless.

  11. MtUnpaved says:

    Any thoughts on coming up to Montana a setting a speed record on Granite Peak? The comment on Gannett Peak made me wonder if you’ve ever tackled our tallest.
    Anyways, great to see you having a good training cycle and good-luck at Hardrock

    • anton says:

      Granite has crossed my mind a few times. It’s a matter of finding myself up there to do it, though.

  12. Chris "Jigidy" Jensen says:

    Hi AK, I’ve never commented on your blog before but wanted to thank you for taking the time to put it together and keep us updated. Your adventures and training are inspiring. Cheers, Chris

  13. D says:

    You are the man. You continue to inspire me and keep me second guessing what I think about running and training on a daily basis. Good luck against Kilian at hardrock and I hope to see you race UTMB.

  14. jsr says:


    you are officially correct on following you for training help…dude youre chaos. But youre still pretty cool I dont care what they say about you! haha
    ALT-J is awesome but every yoga class I go to has it playing and it makes me think of that backwards music video “Breezeblocks” and I get all outta zen.
    Have you heard of Atlas Sound? I think you have and I think you like his work.

    Stay Fresh….bring dat beard foot to ESPANOL and kick some chicken

  15. Deme says:

    What a surprise! See you in a week (!!) in Gran Canaria! I’m going to race the “advanced” 83 km option, I think I’ll see you very soon at the beginning of my race..

  16. Josh says:


    I’m curious on your animal interaction while mountaineering, specifically predatory animals. encounters/reaction?

    Also, is the blue Buff visor that you use in a couple videos still available? I’ve only found the Anton visor and it seems much bulkier then the ones you sport in videos.

    Clothing line? You seem have the fan following and appeal to succeed with an apparel line.

    Anyway, Thanks for the time. I really enjoy the blog and videos ect.

    • anton says:

      Josh – There should be a few different types of visor Buffs available…you might have to go the Spanish site? I simply cut off the extra length on the visor Buffs (leaving a separate, perfectly functional Buff), that’s why mine look less bulky.

  17. Charlie says:

    Alt-J definitely does not suck. Awesome band. Thanx for the vid.

  18. Tim says:

    Hi Anton:
    Have you every thought about entering one of the COSMIC skimo races? Power of 4 is this weekend. :) It would be interesting to see you in the full lycra v. all of those talented Colorado skimo racers. Saw Paul Hamilton entered a few races. What skis/boots do you rock in the backcountry? Sounds like a race set-up from the 65mm.

  19. JSR says:

    Fortune Tellers- Peter Matthew Bauer

    You showed that song on a previous blog week. DUDE can’t stop listening to it love it…you got anymore bands similiar to that?

  20. Elljay says:

    Bill obviously forgot about the Lavaredo win in Italy last year… Not a bad for a blow up!

  21. We’re back with a selection of highlights from our series showcasing some of the best sneaker photos we came across on Instagram this week. By now, “floating” kicks and shots of shoes precariously dangling off buildings have become commonplace, but remain worth a look when done right.

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