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Week Log: April 21-2704/27/2008

Mon-AM: 16 miles (2:10) Observatory Mesa in Flagstaff w/ Kyle and Ian
Bruised my foot wearing some old 152s on the rocks…still tired, too.

Tue-AM: 23 miles (3:03) Pipeline to Mt Elden Trail then down Elden Road
Wore brand new 790s, but the foot was still very very tender.
PM: 5 miles (:40) Walmart out and back through NAU campus
Nice and easy; wore the 152s

Wed-AM: 17 miles (2:15) Fisher Pt. out and back
Foot still had some soreness and I was still sluggish. Haven’t had a good run all week.

Thu-AM: 8 miles (1:05) FUTS out and back towards Ft. Tuthill
Still feeling tired…hmmm…

Fri-AM: 8 miles (1:05) Rio de Flag out and back
Wore some more padded shoes and I’ll probably race in them…the foot is just not ready otherwise.

Sat-AM: 52 miles (8:10) Zane Grey 50 in 8:02:33
Had a very solid 35 miles and then paid a little for the quick early pace, plus it was hard to stay motivated running all by myself all day. Very very complacent the last hour.

Sun-AM: 16 miles (2:10) Phoenix Mts Park
Tired, but not horrible. Climbed a couple of the small mountains in the park. Good heat training at 90+ degrees.

Total: 145 miles (20:38)

This was kind of a rough week. My foot didn’t throw off the volume of my running–I did a typical half-taper–but my legs just didn’t feel right all week. Once I get back to Colorado I’m going to make sure to start taking some iron pills. I was happy enough with the Zane race, especially considering that I was probably still tired from the Double Crossing the weekend before. I’m excited to take a few days easy and then really get down to some good, solid training.

14 responses to “Week Log: April 21-27”

  1. Al Glenn says:

    Anton,please be careful as complacency(mental) can be worse than physical hinderences. Look at the overall tone of the past three weeks blogs. Maybe a step back could produce gains. Peace.

  2. bugweasel says:


    Congrats on the win!


  3. Congratulations on the win, Anton!

  4. Bob Gentile says:

    Congrats on ZG ! Recover well with ur foot!

  5. cr says:

    Anton – Congrats on your B2B 50M wins (AR50 & ZG50). Two completely different animals I would guess. I’ve been tracking you (not stocking) since your first Leadville win in 2006. And I was there in 2006 & 2007 to see you coming off Hope blistering the course as I was willing myself to Winfield. You are an amazing talent. Don’t let this “foot issue” ruin your shot at a WS win. As my Physical Therapist wife likes to say, “Maybe you should see a PT”. Good luck to you! cr

  6. Julie says:

    Congrats on ZG ! Recover well with your foot!
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