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Week Summary: Aug 13 – 1908/24/2012

Mon-AM: 0:54 ~ Turquoise Lake Trail
Easy, flat run w/ Frosty.

Tue-AM: 1:00, 300′ ~ Hagerman Pass Rd
Easy taper run.

Wed-AM: 0:52, 300′ ~ Turquoise Lake Trail
Another easy run out to Tabor Boat Ramp and back from below the lake.

Thu-AM: 0:53, 300′ ~ Turquoise Lake Trail
Ditto, but this time with my friend Martin.

Fri-AM: 0:38, 200′ ~ Boulevard
Easy loop with Frosty.

Sat- Leadville 100 in 17:21:09, 17,400′
4th place.

Sun – off.

Hours: 21h38min
Vert: 18,500′

Not much to say, except I’m glad to have finished Leadville and hopefully the recovery goes smoothly and quickly so I can get back to fun stuff again before the high country starts getting snow.

And this.  This is good. Both bands courtesy of Sweden.

In my head the entire race:

119 responses to “Week Summary: Aug 13 – 19”

  1. Niklas says:

    Even though i don’t know any of them, it makes me proud that you post two swedish bands.
    take care and good luck.

  2. monica says:


    p.s. please no more fainting and knocking your chin on the Roost, K?

  3. Rain says:

    Nice job at Leadville. Sorry to hear you had some pain out there! I too hope you recover fast!

  4. C.J. Hitz says:

    Congrats on grinding out another Leadville Tony.

    Where do you dredge up these bands? Very unique indeed

  5. Barry Bliss says:

    Good essay on the race.

    You can be proud of running with guts and determination.

    Great about the shin.

  6. Footfeathers says:

    I can’t decide whether I’m more impressed with your taper las week or your tenacity during the race. Regardless, I’m impressed. Good to see you last week and happy to see you with a bib number again. Good work.

  7. Dallas Green says:

    Dude.. Tony!…. You still rock in my book and your a true inspiration to myself and many out there. I still watching “Indulgence” with shock and awe! Stay true to yourself, and like you said in your own documentary. “If all I did was run to do good in race…well that’s not enough for me to go out everyday for 4-5 hours….I have to enjoy (love) what I’m doing…running”

  8. Joe Sammadi says:

    You started it all for me and that was the beginning and ending of everything and somehow it feels like, even despite your own long history of climbs, you’re best days lie ahead.

  9. eichhorst says:

    Thanks for the inspiration, Tony! I visited your blog for the first time two weeks ago. Started to run the next day. Haha! – But hey, Congrats on your efforts!! Excited to hear about more adventures in the mountains.

  10. Rich says:

    What shoes were you wearing for Leadville?

  11. Flo says:

    Hi !
    Please, what are your shoes on leadville100 ?
    I don’t recognize them.
    Here, in france, I never saw them before.
    Please answer.

  12. Pop Neo says:

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