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Week Summary: Aug 20 – 2608/27/2012


Tue-AM: 1:11, 1500′ ~ Second Flatiron
Incredibly slow stroll up to the base of the 2nd, crawled up the rock (Freeway), and then limped back down to Chautauqua at a very very easy walk. Tired, tight legs still, but nice to get out and move them around a little.

Wed-AM: 1:29, 1500′ ~ First Flatiron
Hiked up to the base of the First with only a tiny bit of running mixed in, scrambled the East Face in a very fatigued and casual 35min, did the downclimb in 9min and then hiked slowly back down to Chautauqua as the quads were pretty worked after all the muscle tension required on the climb.  A couple desperate moves up there in my burnt shoes.
PM: 0:26 ~ Creek Path+barefoot
Very very easy run with Jocelyn with ~10min of barefoot on the grass in the middle.  Medial knee/adductor attachment flared up a little bit, which is typical for me after a 100mi race.

Thu-AM: 1:29, 2700′ ~ 2nd Flatiron+Green Mt.
Went with Buzz, Anna, and Joel from Chat. Actually ran up to the base, so the legs are coming around.  Casual on the rock itself as Buzz showed me the route to actually get on the east face of the Pullman Car (the 2nd’s summit block) and gain the true summit.  Not too tricky, and the downclimb is simple, too, but there are a few feet of 5.6 or so to gain the Car’s south face.  Continued on to the top of the mountain and the legs continued to feel good, but my quads were still dead/twingy/tight on the descent of Ranger and Gregory.

Fri-AM: 1:33, 3500′ ~ 2nd+3rd Flatirons+Green Mt.
Fun link-up this morning with Joel in tow. Jogged up to the base of the 2nd, scrambled it fully to its summit in 11:30, downclimbed the west face and then dropped down the boulder field to the south to the East Bench of the Third where a half a dozen dudes with ropes and full racks looked like they were gearing up for war.  Joel and I scooted past and I proceeded to PR with an 8:14 scramble to the summit (40:49 total from Chautauqua).  The downclimb of the SW Chimney was a PR for me too at 9min (Joel is a pretty accomplished climber, so has zero problem keeping up) before hunching over and grunting to the summit of Green itself. Beautiful on top with finally a day w/o much haze or smoke.  Descended the frontside of the mountain back to Chat (quads are still a bit battered). Back at the parking lot I was disappointed that we hadn’t begun the morning with a scramble of the First in order to complete the full link-up.  Tomorrow.

Sat-AM: 2:35, 4500′ ~ Flatiron Trifecta+Green Mt.
Ran up to Chat with Joel and then headed up the First Flatiron (slow 25:50 ascent…had to wait for one party, plus I had some route/hold-finding issues on the thin stuff), down to the base of the Second, climbed Free For All (12:40 climbing split) , boulder-hopped down and over to the base of the Third, climbed the Third (7:55 PR climbing split), downclimbed the SW Chimney and then headed up to the summit of Green before descending back to Chautauqua and running back down to the creek.  Awesome morning, with the Chat-to-Chat Trifecta+Green Link-up being done in 2:09:40.
PM: 1:04, 500′ ~ Creek Path+2mi barefoot
Jogged over to Kitt Field, did some barefootin’, and then jogged up to Chautauqua before heading back down to the creek.  Gorgeous summer evening and the legs actually felt quite good.

Sun-AM: 2:26, 4500′ ~ Flatiron Trifecta+Green Mt.
Ran up to Chat and then the base of the First with tired legs. Scrambled First in 22min, quick 4min downclimb, scrambled Second in 12:45, descended to the East Bench of the Third and scrambled it in a PR 7:35 before downclimbing in 7min and continuing on to the summit of Green. Legs were pretty tapped this morning, but I was psyched to feel much more confident on the couple tricky sections of the First and to PR on the Third.  Still need to get over and check out the Fourth and Fifth.

Hours: 9h47min
Vert: 18,700′

Nice recovery week.  The ol’ pins have come around pretty well. I’m not sore at all any more, just still feeling a little weak and a bit battered in the quads, hence no running this evening.  I was very excited to link up the Flatirons Trifecta today and yesterday and will probably hit that once more tomorrow before retreating back to the high hills for some more altitude time before the weather starts shutting it down for the season.  I still have a couple of high-altitude exploits (hopefully a Glacier Gorge Traverse in RMNP and a couple trips up the Grand Teton) planned before I head over to Spain, so I want to keep in touch with my acclimatization just a little bit longer.

Buzz leading the way to the base of the Pullman Car on the Second Flatiron. Photo: Anna Frost.
Sussing the route up the Second Flatiron with Joel and Buzz. Photo: Anna Frost.
First Green summit in a while on Thursday morning. Photo: Anna Frost.
More irresistibly catchy Little Dragon.

108 responses to “Week Summary: Aug 20 – 26”

  1. Chris Cook says:

    I was the guy that said “yeah Anton!” when you were running on the creek path Saturday afternoon. You looked fresh, man! Great job at LT100 and good luck with Nolan’s 14. Im eager to read about your attempt.

  2. Anton, when will we see you at Badwater?

  3. Carey says:

    where do you get your visors?

  4. Buzz says:

    In one short season, your times on the Flatirons have become very fast.

    If you ever decide to do Badwater, let me know. Joe and I will form an Intervention Team and kidnap you until it’s over.

  5. Kevin Hall says:

    Hey Anton I was looking on the Buff website, but none of the buff’s have bills. Do you custom make yours?

  6. Ted Darling says:

    Check it out here http://www.buffwear.com/buff-headwear/visor-buff They can ship to the US, just not available on the US site.

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